Lakhs Of Affordable Dwelling Units To Be Constructed In Newly Announced 109 Sectors In Land Pooling Zones.

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DDA L-zone is now gradually becoming the indispensable part of some real estate business and for retail and commercial place too. There was a great need for some commercial space projects in Dwarka because facts say that, by the 2nd quarter of 2016, it has seen the rise in prices by 6%. This is a big number for land pooling policy. Projects like these are going to strengthen the land pooling policy. After, launching of the much promising project of Revanta Group, Revanta Plaza, now other developers are too looking to catch on with more commercial and retail projects in Dwarka, the L-Zone. Revanta Group in cooperative group housing society is unbeaten in Delhi land pooling zones. Revanta Group has seen great potential in L-zone, and because of this, they launched this project. Launching of the first commercial project in L-zone has given positive hopes for other developers to invest in more projects like this one.

In Revanta Plaza project, shops sizes are precisely 200, 300, 400 and 600 sq. ft. This indicates that one who is looking for a shop in L-Zone should buy it now because the extensive projects are coming in L-Zone and this will raise the price.
Revanta Plaza is one giant step toward MPD 2021 and land pooling policy .


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